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    Working outside of Europe

    Working outside of Europe

    Want to know more about our overseas services? Please find below links to our literature for you to download and read at your convenience.

    Working overseas can be complicated but we are expanding the countries in which we can provide our services. Although each country has its own unique rules, there are standard compliance requirements that must be met:

    • A legal right to work in the country, either by birth, marriage or invitation
    • A liability to taxation in the country of working
    • A potential liability to taxation in the employee’s home country
    • A potential liability to Social Security in the country of working

    Through our International Working Alliances we are able to work with many jurisdictions outside of the European Economic Ares – for more advice, just fill in the form below to see how we can help.

    Protected: 2017 iPaye International Guide
    Protected: Agency Guide to Intermediaries and Risk

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