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We have a range of fixed-fee services available depending on the level of support you require, but we also offer tailored services to suit your unique circumstances.

Services to Small Businesses

Whatever your outsourcing requirements, we have the skills in place to assist you. We have a track record of helping owner managers set up their businesses and we are experienced in the following areas:

  • Advising businesses on issues that they may face when starting up their business, and helping prepare a detailed business plan
  • Assisting businesses in raising finance to fund expansion
  • Running fully outsourced payrolls
  • Fully outsourced accounting functions, including bookkeeping, payroll, administration, accountancy and tax functions
  • Preparing monthly account management and KPI reports
  • Providing access to internet-based bookkeeping and accounting software
  • All aspects of tax advice including VAT, Income Tax, Corporation Tax and IHT
  • Advising on the steps required to incorporate a sole trader into a limited company, or converting an unincorporated partnership into a limited liability partnership.


Personal tax advice

Personal tax isn’t the easiest to get to grips with, especially when your circumstances change. We will discuss your tax obligations and ensure that you are aware of the best planning opportunities available to you.

We will explain how your limited company’s remuneration and expenses are dealt with, such as:

  • Income Tax on the salary that you pay yourself from your company
  • National Insurance that you incur on the salary that you pay yourself
  • Taxation of dividends and the interaction with your company and personal positions
  • How expenses are applied and which benefits are reportable and/or taxable

We will also cover potential planning opportunities, for example:

  • Income strategy within each tax year
  • Dividend strategy ahead of the end of the tax year, or forecasting for current and future tax years
  • The benefits of pension provision and the opportunities that exist to contractors
  • Splitting income within the rules and avoiding pitfalls
  • Extraction of accumulated reserves during, or at the end of, a company’s useful life
    If you have a single source of income, we can also prepare your self-assessment tax return for only £100 + VAT.
    If your returns are more complicated, we will assess the work involved and offer you a fixed quote.


Call us on 0151 443 6838 to speak to one of our experts about your personal tax requirements.

All initial meetings are free of charge and we always let our clients know exactly how much an assignment will cost. For a no-obligation discussion and further information, drop us a line on: 0151 443 6838

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