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I-PAYE can:

  • Take over the employment of your workers and contractors that must or wish to be paid on an Employed basis.
  • Take over the payment of individuals that legislation allows to be paid on a self-employed basis.
  • Take over the payment of individuals that choose to operate through a Personal Service Company or umbrella company.
  • Take over the payment and calculation of the Deemed Employment Payment for PSC covered by the Off Payroll Rules.

Agencies can be assured that:

  • All employed workers will be paid on an employed income basis only, which means there is no risk under the agency legislation.
  • All payments to self-employed individuals will only be made free of employment taxes, if the agency are happy the worker is outside the agency legislation.
  • All payments to Personal Service Companies will be made to the company’s bank account.

And, that

  • No matter who is being paid that they are covered by our comprehensive insurance package that includes Personal Accident and Offshore Insurance.
  • That all relevant checks for Right to Work, Identity of the individual and company have been undertaken and that statements required to satisfy the Agency Legislation, Corporate Tax Evasion and Real Time Reporting will be obtained from third parties.

Agencies benefit as:

    They can be certain that our services are compliant and no money is leaving the supply chain, unreported.

  • There will be a dramatic reduction in the amount of paperwork issued.
  • Accountancy will become easier as their will be one invoice from I-PAYE, although this can be tailored to an invoice per worker, per client etc.
  • All HR and issues around employment status become the responsibility of I-PAYE*

If you would like to know more then please contact us on 0151 449 3500.

I-PAYE Accountancy

As a trading brand of SPI Accountancy LLP a practicing member of the ACCA and ATT, I-PAYE Accountancy is ethically bound to prevent the facilitation of tax evasion and ensures that it’s PSC clients are given best advice at all times.

Agencies can be certain that:

  • I-PAYE Accountancy is not selling schemes to its PSC Clients to avoid taxation.
  • I-PAYE Accountancy will advise a PSC Director on what is a suitable remuneration and profit extraction policy for them.
  • I-PAYE Accountancy is not involved with the PSC, either directly or through a third party, which means that there is no risk to the agency under the MSC Legislation.
  • I-PAYE Accountancy will no act for individuals that seek to set up a PSC if they do not satisfy strict criteria.
  • I-PAYE Accountancy will sign and accountants letter on behalf of its PSC Clients confirming that the company has acted as required under Tax and Company Law.
  • I-PAYE Accountancy will not offer consultants Cash or other incentives to refer clients.

If you would like to know more then please contact us on 0151 443 6838.

SPI Accountancy

SPI Accountancy LLP a practicing member of the ACCA and ATT and for many years have given agencies another option when it comes to operating their back office.
Our Back Office solution can be tailored to the agencies precise needs, but typically would include.

    Timesheet Collation and Processing.

  • Processing of Invoices from Suppliers.
  • Gross Profit / Margin Statements.
  • Assistance with Tenders.
  • Ongoing advice and support on Technical issues that affect the sector.
  • Contractor Payroll.

For Owner Managed Agencies we can add in our accountancy suite to make this a true one stop shop for the Small to Medium sized agency.

If you would like to know more then please contact us on 0151 443 6838.

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